Country cabinetry is meant to be warm, comfortable, and inviting with a timeless, natural appearance. In this way, a country kitchen should have a cozy feel to it. As with most design styles, as times have changed, the country kitchen has had its transformations. However, remaining mostly unchanged, it continues to incorporate basic elements.

In this style, cabinets can have raised-panel doors, beadboard, and decorative panels. Don’t forget to include accents like stained glass, wire, or tin. Such features add warmth and character to your cabinets. Additionally, it allows displaying of charming country collectibles, showcasing your taste. Leaving some open shelves gives a warm look and is a great way to display antiques or collectibles. You may additionally choose to leave off cabinet doors under your sink and replace the doors with a fun patterned curtain to cover the open space. Finally, dress up your country cabinetry doors with antique metal hardware such as brass, wrought iron, bronze, or glass.

While country is a broad style that varies, casual and cozy describes it best.

Cottage Country Cabinetry

Focused on carefree living, the elements of the cottage-style come together to create a casual, comfortable, and relaxing environment. Hence, it’s the natural, simplistic, calming design elements that make this style so appealing. Cottage-style cabinetry is generally slightly more casual, eclectic, and antique design. Feel free to use beadboard liberally in a cottage kitchen because it looks great on the walls, ceiling, island, and cabinets. When privacy is not a concern, opt for plenty of paned glass. For upper cabinets, replace ordinary doors with glass-front models but if you need to keep items hidden, install curtains on the inside of the doors.

Early American Country Cabinetry

There is a range of cabinetry options within the Early American or Colonial Country style. Moreover, light stains or colors like white, cream, and beige are common choices for colonial cabinets. Simple colors complement an overall design that’s often unadorned and functional.

French Country Cabinetry

In high-end kitchens, lighter-colored hardwoods with a distinct grain create a warm and welcoming feeling. Therefore, consider distressing the wood finish for a more-authentic country look or paint the cabinets in muted shades of cream or beige. Also, light glazing for the cabinet doors is a possibility. French country kitchen cabinets are likely to have grooved facings and may feature sedate yet intricately-created scrolls, carvings, and moldings. These details aim to replicate the feel of Louis XIV design sensibilities. Further, crown molding is an excellent choice to frame the top of the cabinets.

Rustic Country Cabinetry

At times raw and weathered, and at others softly distressed, this warm and relaxed design style brings outdoor’s charm inside. Often reflecting a country or mountain lifestyle, the cabinetry opts for large styles, warm colors, and lots of wood.  Additionally, the wood cabinet’s reflect a rich character in the form of knots and imperfections bring this decor style to life. Rather than using glossy stain finishes, keep the cabinets rugged or matte to accentuate the wood’s authentic feel.

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