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Design/Build is a method of completing a project where one team takes care of both the design and construction services. This method is more efficient as it creates a single point of contact and responsibility, which reduces the chances of errors and overall costs.

The Design-Build Advantage

The advantages of the Design/Build method are that it helps to complete the project faster because of better communication and fewer problems. It also focuses on efficiency and innovation, which results in cost savings. The quality of the project is better because the team meets the performance needs and often develops new ideas to deliver a better project.

Merrell Building realizes that every builder has a different vision for your project.  So, how do you know the final product is going to look the way you pictured it?

3D Design

Every kitchen and bathroom remodeling project includes 3D designs.  Therefore, you know exactly what your finished product will look like.  3D rendering techniques empower you with a stronger, more precise visualization of your space.

architectural design plans

Architectural Design Plans

Alternatively, on larger projects, such as home additions or whole-house renovations, detailed drawings are a must.

For this reason, our on-staff architect will help with the planning. Undoubtedly, this added level of detail planning helps catch mistakes and provide an accurate estimate.  Architectural & 3D rendering improves communication between us, as a design-build contractor, and you, as our client. Together, we can consider different design ideas, discuss potential problems, and come up with even better ideas.

This level of precision, in the beginning, makes the process more efficient by reducing unexpected changes and mistakes. Importantly, this is something that also helps you stay within budget and on schedule!

Before any construction begins, you and our team meet for a pre-construction walk-through.  At that time, we discuss an initial schedule, working hours, material storage, hauling off debris, and other important items. Additionally, clients are provided with their “To-Do” list.  This details the client’s responsibilities including due dates for material selections and our preferred vendor information.  We connect with well-respected companies to supply our clients with top-notch, quality materials.  Our team exclusively works with suppliers who have consistent high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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