Blending the old with the new, transitional cabinetry allows for a design that’s open to interpretation. Transitional refers to being in between two phases or stages.  Therefore, this design style aims to balance the comfort of a traditional style and the sleek cleanliness of a contemporary.

Transitional Cabinetry, Kitchen Remodeling Gallery

In the Kitchen

Here at Merrell Building, we characterize transitional cabinetry by these features:

  • gentler profiles
  • clean lines
  • rich colors sometimes contracted with neutral tones
  • crown molding, if any, that is less ornamental
  • a successful mix of simple and sophisticated
Transitional Cabinetry

In the Bathroom

Transitional cabinetry style combines curves with straight lines to create a balance of masculine and feminine. The aim is to create a comfortable and relaxing space. Additionally, a lack of elaborate decoration is a trademark of this design style. Minimal accessories keep the focus on the simplicity of the design.

Even though it’s neutral, it still has personality, character, and even color!

Even though it’s practical, it’s still beautiful, because of how seamlessly everything flows together.

Design Trends

Design trends come and go, however quality materials and elegant styles are always smart. While every generation puts its spin on remodeling trends, much of what is popular today is a throw-back from an earlier time. Ultimately though, good design should be honest and have a long-lasting appeal. The goal then is an attempt to strike a balance between trendy and timeless. No matter how timeless the design you choose, you will likely want to make changes and update a few things over time. We know the cabinets and counters for your remodel are big-ticket items that you are not likely to want to change again for many years. Therefore, these elements should be carefully edited and selected as much for the future as for the now. 

From large to small projects, Merrell Building has options for every budget. Likewise, we offer free consultations, straightforward sales, and a professional project management approach. Working with you, we create a design and construction plan to deliver the remodeling project of your dreams – on time and budget. We have the expertise to help with your project, so give us a call. Let us provide you with innovative design concepts, recommend layouts, and cabinetry styles to help maximize your space.

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