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Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Cabinetry products should add beauty and function to your home. Importantly, while design trends may change, choosing quality materials and timeless styles remains a wise choice. Cabinets play a key role in a home’s overall usefulness. Therefore, it’s essential to select durable and visually appealing cabinetry. At Merrell Building, our high-quality, semi-custom cabinetry lines use domestically sourced materials and offer a wide range of options.


Furthermore, our design team can help you turn your needs & desires into a plan allowing for optimized space and refined functionality. Moreover, through our commitment to providing free consultations, straightforward sales, and a professional project management approach, we have the expertise to help with your home remodeling project. Regardless of the project’s size, our approach ensures that your solution is tailored to your needs, avoiding  “cookie-cutter” outcomes.

Shower Door

Whether you are looking for basic or elaborate, we will walk you through all of your options. Our product line includes a wide selection from classic framed to custom frameless.  We can help you design a layout that will allow for functionality and look amazing.  Importantly, your glass enclosure should complement the bathroom as a whole.

That’s why we offer options to fit your style and your budget


Whether you are looking for a basic or elaborate, we will walk you through your options. We help you design a layout that will allow the most function and look amazing.  Also, we have options to fit your style, taste, and budget. Shower enclosures come in a wide selection of framed, semi-frameless and frameless systems to meet virtually any requirement, with both swing door and sliding door options.

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