Kitchen Cabinets: Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation

Kitchens are more than where we cook; they’re where we make memories. Your kitchen cabinets, therefore, should make your kitchen a seamless extension of your life. The kitchen cabinetry should be attractive, durable, and hardworking. Design trends come and go, but quality materials and elegant styles are always smart.  At Merrell Building, we have a wide range of options to offer. No matter the budget, we have options with an extensive array of door styles and finish options.

In a full kitchen renovation project, new kitchen cabinets represent the most significant investment you will make. So, you want to get this purchase right.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinetry
Transitional Cabinetry
Country Cabinetry
Country Cabinetry
Carlisle, Cabinet Door, Contemporary Cabinetry
Contemporary Cabinetry
Traditional Kitchen Cabinetry
Traditional Cabinetry
The Beauty of Wood

The natural beauty and distinctive appearance of real wood cabinetry come from the inherent qualities/characteristics of the wood itself. Interestingly, trees of the same species, even growing side by side, are affected differently by the climate and elements required for growth. Moreover, minerals (nutrients) are absorbed in different ways and at different rates, even within the same tree.

Factors combine to create the distinctive beauty of characteristics in the kitchen cabinets, like:

Grain pattern variation (very open/wide grain. contrasting with very close/tight grain)

Grain color variation (from even and consistent grain color to varied and quite dramatic)

Unique markings (such as dark “mineral” streaks and light-colored sap wood)

Caring for Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can use commercial cleaners, like Murphy’s Oil Soap, to clean cabinets. You can also make your cleaners from ingredients in your kitchen that are eco-friendly, effective, and affordable.

Whatever your preference, follow the Cabinetry Care Guide, and your new cabinetry will deliver years of beauty, enjoyment, and convenience.

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