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Your New Kitchen Awaits

Your New Kitchen Awaits

The kitchen is one of the most creative spaces in your home and it has endless renovation possibilities.

If you are considering remodeling any part of your home, chances are the kitchen is the first room to come to mind. Understandably, the kitchen is first because of how much time families spend there. The kitchen area is notorious for bringing loved ones together and creating both meals and memories. However, when the kitchen has been in use for several decades, the appliances, paint, and countertops have a dated appearance.

Your dreams of kitchen remodeling in Westminster MD can finally come to life with affordable options and a beautiful selection of products.

Consider a Smaller Kitchen Remodeling Project

Think about replacing old countertops with beautiful granite tops.

Granite countertops are a fantastic way to add style and character to your home.

Installing granite countertops adds value and appeal to your home. Nowadays, granite is the most popular and most common material for countertops. Granite is also budget-friendly, so you can create a space that feels expensive and luxurious without breaking the bank. Importantly, granite is kid-friendly and durable, being chip-resistant, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

The beauty of wood cabinetry will never be outdated and is always in style.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets adds a major wow factor.

Cabinets set the tone for the whole kitchen and even the entire home.  Kitchen remodeling in Westminster with new cabinets can be a more expensive option for a smaller remodeling project. However, considering they’re also a high return on your investment, go for it!

A kitchen cabinet upgrade instantly transforms the look and feel of the room. Importantly, and in addition to the added value, new cabinets increase storage and function.

Choose a focal point and insert plain or textured glass into a few cabinets.

Adding glass to your cabinet doors can personalize & beautify.

Decorative glass is a fast-growing trend and is also a perfect choice for kitchen remodeling in Westminster, MD.  Additionally, glass door inserts are a great compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelves.  Modernize and, at the same time, create a showcase area for treasured mementos and collectible items. The addition of cabinet lighting will take full advantage of glass inserts.

The difference new cabinet knobs and pulls can make is MONUMENTAL.

Knobs & pulls are the “jewelry” of the kitchen

Replacing them is one of the easiest and cheaper kitchen updates. However, when this is the small kitchen remodeling project you’re choosing, don’t skimp.  Choosing inexpensive and low-quality products is pointless.

Although knobs and pulls can be interchangeable, usually knobs are used on doors and pulls on drawers. To make installation easier, choose hardware that will use the existing holes but with slightly bigger screws. If you opt for handles that require new holes, use a decorative plate, called a backplate, to cover the existing holes, or fill them in with wood putty.

A minor kitchen remodel is perfect for bringing your kitchen into the new century.

You can be creative with a smaller kitchen remodeling in Westminster because your dollar goes further. That means you often can afford the materials that fit your aesthetic, even if they’re a bit pricey. And with so many design options available, you will have no shortage of inspiration for your own remodel.

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