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Fun Kid Themed Bathrooms

Fun Kid Themed Bathrooms

Owning your home means being able to have everything just the way you always dreamed.

A fun kid’s themed bathroom is the perfect place to go a little wild.  These rooms are typically small, out-of-the-way, and used exclusively by the little ones. However, designing a kid-friendly bathroom takes some creativity.

From age-appropriate decorating to working-out the perils of a shared sibling bathroom, a playful yet practical space is a must. Creating that fun bathroom while also complementing your style and family’s needs is the challenge our team is ready to help you overcome. While adult baths are often very sedate in neutral tones and with clean, no-nonsense lines, there is room to have a lot of fun with – a child’s bathroom.

You may even consider asking your children to help in the process.
fun kid's themed bathroom

Of course, allowing the kid’s too much design input and you are likely to have a bathroom no one wants to use.

To include your children in the project means they are more likely to feel responsible for upkeep for years to come.  Just be sure to know how and when to “put on the brakes”. While whimsical themes and favorite characters make for engaging spaces, they are also quickly outgrown. Instead, opt for a simple theme that centers around a particular color or even a favorite photograph.



Simple beachy colors and decor items can bring a whole new look and feel to a bathroom. Look for ideas from favorite pictures of vacations to draw inspiration.


You don’t have to go overboard with a color theme.  Consider how just a “pop” of color on a trashcan, step stool, or the bath towels can be fun and playful. How about a bolder pop of color on one wall or the ceiling? An otherwise neutral tone bathroom with a stand out wall or ceiling makes a lot of fun.


Want the color without having to paint?  A great choice to consider when thinking short-term – wallpaper.  That’s right!  Wallpaper has come a long way, and these days there are tons of removable and vinyl cling options.

Light it Up

Many times, your child’s bathroom is also the hall or guest bathroom.  Likely, therefore you want it to look presentable for adults as well as being fun for the kids. Funky lighting is a great way to have fun without going overboard on the kid stuff.

Fun kid themed bathroom lights with cutouts in shapes like stars, seashells, cowboys, or trains adds a whimsical touch.

Rope or strip lights hidden at the bottom of a vanity toekick makes a great nightlight.

The key to successful fun kid themed bathroom design is to create a space that is fun and functional but, more important, works for the kids as they grow older.  

To ensure that your bathroom renovation holds appeal for years to come, it is a good idea not to incorporate characters whose scope is limited to specific age groups into schemes that should grow with your children. Consider sports, arts or universal themes that address the whimsy of youth without seeming too childlike or juvenile.

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