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Pantries, Pullouts, Lazy Susans, Oh My!

Pantries, Pullouts, Lazy Susans, Oh My!

Do you wish your kitchen space simplified the daily and ever important task of meal preparation & clean up? Using cabinetry to create kitchen food storage zones can help you achieve that. Spend more time doing what matters, connecting with family and friends.

Redefining your Kitchen with Zones  can help create a space that welcomes; a place you want to spend more time in; a place where your food is easy to view and access. 

kitchen food storage

The Food Storage area, used to store most of your food, is actually two zones. The first is for your fresh food and the other for dry goods, oils, etc.  Ideally, this zone should be located near your microwave and eating area to ensure convenient and happy snack times.  The dry goods portion of this zone is comprised of pantries, pullout shelves, and lazy susans.  Adding a pantry obviously add extra storage space.  This is something every homeowner can get excited about, but it can also help declutter your kitchen.  Additionally, pullouts and lazy susans significantly increase storage space and are easy to organize and maintain..  

Pantries come in three basic configurations: reach-in, pull-out, and walk-in.

kitchen food storage, kitchen remodeling, walk in pantry

Walk-in Pantry

If you are a wonderfully organized and tidy person and have the extra space needed, a walk-in pantry offers a lot of space and storage therefore, can be very helpful. If that’s not you, you may have trouble remembering where you put your sugar and flour. Walk-in pantries are also some distance away from appliances and prep space, which can reduce efficiency when you’re cooking.

The reach-in pantry and roll-out pantry are efficient storage solutions for small or medium-size kitchens, providing extra shelf space for food storage and many add-on options.

Reach-in Pantry

Reach-in Pantry, kitchen food storage

Roll-out Pantry

Roll-out Pantry, kitchen food storage

One great add-on option for the traditional reach-in pantry is the swing-out shelf kit.  Using swing-out shelves, everything in your pantry is perfectly displayed and easy to reach.

Shelf trays also make a great add-on option to the reach-in pantry.  Roll-out shelf trays also allows you to see every snack and ingredient at once, reducing the amount of time you’ll spend rummaging.  They’re easy on your back too.

If you’re building a new home or redesigning your existing kitchen, where it comes to your Food Storage Zone, consider not just the size of your kitchen, but how zones can create organizational flow allowing your kitchen to meet your lifestyle, culinary interest, and aesthetic preferences.

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