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Exciting Kitchen Makeover Unfolds in Columbia MD

Exciting Kitchen Makeover Unfolds in Columbia MD

This exciting kitchen makeover had a slow start. Homeowners, John and Alison, mulled over their Columbia MD kitchen remodel for nearly two years. They wanted an open kitchen concept. Combining the kitchen and dining rooms, an open kitchen concept would enhance function and efficiency by using the currently unused dining room space. Their kitchen suffered from damage caused by a leaky dishwasher, and the thought of a lengthy upgrade gave them some serious jitters.

“I could trust you and you weren’t afraid to tell me something I didn’t want to hear.”

John K. – Homeowner


Exciting Kitchen Makover

John and Alison called four companies before choosing Merrell Building Enterprise. The couple immediately gained confidence in Moses, who had his tape measure on the first visit. Moses was helpful from the onset, and he was honest with them about their ideas.​


John and Alison finally decided to take the plunge and start their exciting Columbia MD kitchen makeover project. After talking with our team of experts, they felt more at ease with the task ahead. The vision of an open kitchen concept sparked hope and joy for the change about to take place in their home.


Merrell Building presented John and Alison with three exciting kitchen makeover design choices to create the open kitchen concept. John voiced his trust, noting, “I could trust you weren’t afraid to tell me something I didn’t want to hear.” So, with the decision made, they braced themselves for the temporary upset to come. As they watched the first walls come down to merge the kitchen and dining rooms, John and Alison felt a sense of relief and excitement.


This kitchen makeover was exciting, yes but there were challenges, such as moving HVAC returns to match the new layout. The design team worked closely with the couple to enhance the island’s placement. Plus, Merrell swooped in with a makeshift kitchen to keep the peace during the renovation chaos. Despite some stressful moments, they stayed excited that this kitchen makeover would be a space that screams “This is us!” and fit their vibe.

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Kitchen makeover, Open Kitchen Concept


The grand finale? Blending the fancy dining room with the kitchen by kicking out the wall! With the dishwasher hiccup fixed and a window upgrade for a sunshine boost, the kitchen got its glow-up!

Alison, the homeowner, is thrilled with the new open kitchen design, although she jokes about her struggle to find things in all of the cabinetry.

  • The dining room is now functional kitchen space.
  • The entire area is up to date.
  • The new cabinetry keeps all kitchen items neatly organized.
  • The home’s value has increased.
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